Phobia series version 1.8 has been released at Mac App Store. We have added Apple silicon support
Added the "Show notes on the staff in training/lesson" option which helps you learn to recognize chords by sight.
Phobia series version 1.6 has been released at Mac App Store. We no longer support Mac OS X 10.5 and older which Mac App Store is not available.
Version 1.5 of all our software supports Mac OS X Leopard (10.5). If do not have version 1.5, please download the newest software from our products page.
New version 1.2 of Phobia series are now available.
  • Universal Binary or Intel Mac products support.
  • ChordPhobia now has an option to select rootless voicings.
New site has launched.
New version 1.1 of ChordPhobia, InversionPhobia, ScalePhobia and IntervalPhobia are now available. This update includes new icons and a few changes on the effectiveness of lessons.
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